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The rules - copied from the website


Primary Level Game:

Primary Clues must have at least:

(1) one coordinate (latitude or longitude); 
(2) at least 1 relevant associated date;
(3) a hemisphere-related clue.

If subject matter such as math or history is used to give clues, it should fall within the reasonable knowledge area of kids ages 9 - 11. Clues should be fact-based as much as possible. Finally, the Landmark must exist or have existed at one time in history on planet Earth.

Landmark Game

Important dates to remember

Feb. 10      Register team & send clues

Feb. 13      Receive 1st set of clues

Feb. 20      Receive 2nd set of clues

Feb. 27      Receive 3rd set of clues

Mar. 11      All guesses must be submitted

What is a landmark?

Landmark Links

World Map with latitude and longitude

Click on this map to print your own world map with latitude and longitude.

World Map