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A Special Thanks...

A special thanks to Mr. Brett Larson and our Liberty Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for their support in launching the Rockin' Reader program at Manor Hill! 

City of Liberty Mayor Canuteson Joins the Rockin' Reader Program

City of Liberty Mayor Canuteson Joins the Rockin' Reader Program

Superintendent Brewer Supports Manor Hill's Kick-Off As He Reads With Students

Superintendent Brewer Supports Manor Hill's Kick-Off As He Reads With Students

Deputy Chief of Police Jim Simpson Reads With Students

Deputy Chief of Chief Jim Simpson Reads With Students

Rockin' Reader

Manor Hill Join's Cracker Barrel Old Country Store's Rockin’ Reader Program

We are happy to announce that Manor Hill has been selected by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store as a partner school in the Rockin' Reader program.  Through this partnership with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, our school has been able to transform the entrance of our school into a quaint, welcoming, and serene reading environment for our entire school community to enjoy. 

Community leaders throughout Liberty helped in supporting our week-long kick-off by spending a portion of their day reading with our Manor Hill Patriots. All together, over 60 volunteers joined us in celebrating the start to this program.  As we progress through the school year, we look forward to this unique area being used frequently by our many volunteers as they share quality time reading with students. If you are interested in participating in this program, please feel free to contact Principal Jeff Williams at 816.736.5460 or by email at jwilliams@liberty.k12.mo.us


Volunteer Reading Tips

  • Tell the child the name of the book, author, and illustrator.
  • Discuss the illustration on the cover of the book.  Have the child predict what the book is about based on the title and the book cover.
  • As you read, keep your listener involved by occasionally asking, "What do you think is going to happen next?"  Keep in mind that stopping to ask questions too many times will interrupt the flow of the story.
  • Read in a voice that helps a child listen - not too quickly.  Children need enough time to look at the pictures and think about what they are hearing.
  • Read with lots of expression.  Change your voice when reading the character's words.
  • When you have finished, give the child time to react to the book.  Ask questions that encourage more than a yes/no reply.  Some examples would be: Tell me what you liked about the book.  What did you think about the main characters? What was your favorite part of the story?  Did this story remind you of other books you have read?
  • Most importantly, have fun!  Make this an enjoyable time for you and the child!

Rockin' Reader Area Transformation

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The Rockin' Reader Story

"If you were challenged to somehow "change your world to bring about greater peace," it might seem like quite a tall order - too tall, maybe.  But that's just what happened to Linda Minor at a leadership seminar a few years back.  Rather than brush off the challenge, Linda got to thinking about how literacy might be the key to creating better understanding between cultures, and what she could do to improve it.

As a school counselor in North Carolina, LInda knew first-hand that not every child gets the kind of caring attention they need, especially when it comes to reading.  So Linda headed down to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store where she purchased two genuine Double Rockers.  Then she lined up a group of volunteers who agreed to come to LInda's elementary school and lend a hand.  Soon, volunteers were reading one-to-one to students as they spent time together in the Double Rockers.

Linda was overjoyed.  The kids loved it.  The volunteers loved it.  And as we read the letters and saw the photos Linda sent to us - well, we sure loved it, too.

With Linda's help, Cracker Barrel developed the Rockin' Reader program as a way to build caring and literacy in the community.  The Rockin' Reader program establishes a comfortable reading space in each of our partner schools.  We hope to build upon Linda's vision, while working to knock down barriers between cultures by introducing children to new people and new ideas.  And who knows, with a little help from all of us, maybe Linda really will change the world someday.  Even though we think she already has."     -Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

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