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Summer Reading - New for 2017

Wacky Readers!

Where are you reading this summer?  Are you reading in bed or in a cushy chair?  Are you reading at the beach or around a campfire? Maybe you are at the top of the St. Louis Arch or at Disney World! How about reading doing some weird activity? Are you on a trampoline or a skateboard or hanging from the monkey bars? Wherever you are found reading, send us a picture!  We are looking for pictures of you reading in fun, strange, odd places and poses. The weirder the better!  Just keep you and your book safe.  Once you get that picture send it to lgreen@liberty.k12.mo.us, and then watch for it to be on our web page!

Mid-Continent's Summer Learning Program

Video sponsored by Mid-Continent Public Library.


The Mid-Continent Public Library has a great program that supports summer reading!  You can sign up online and then keep track of your reading.  When you make certain milestones you can earn free books for your home library.  For more information about Mid-Continent's Summer Reading Program visit their website.

Why is summer reading so important? Video sponsored by Reading Rockets